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Have you been charged with a serious crime in Richmond or the surrounding area?

We Are Here to Help: Being charged with a crime carries serious consequences which can result in losing your freedom. In addition to facing immediate imprisonment or other criminal penalties if convicted, you may also face lasting consequences that will impact your ability to find employment or obtain better housing or financial opportunities well into the future. If you have been arrested for a crime it is imperative you contact a Richmond criminal defense attorney immediately so we may begin establishing a defense on your behalf. Law enforcement personnel and prosecuting attorneys are not kind to those accused of serious crimes and will move actively to put you behind bars, using seemingly endless government resources in this endeavor. By contacting The Law Office of Debra D. Corcoran, you can begin an effective defense to protect your rights.

Our Aggressive Approach to all Cases: This office utilizes experienced long-term, and licensed defense investigators and former career police officers. Some of the tasks our investigators utilize are interviewing or locating witnesses, obtaining surveillance tapes, doing background checks on prosecution witnesses, locating favorable evidence, and witness preping in our in-house modular mini-courtroom, located on the premises.

Our History: Our firm has been representing clients for over 20 years with aggressive and knowledgeable legal counsel with significant success. Our lead attorney has been awarded a Masters of Laws in Litigation award and is one of the few women in the country who has an LLM in litigation, as well as being certified to be a Lead Capital defense attorney in capital crimes.

Knowing the Courts in the Richmond, Henrico, Chesterfield and Surrounding Areas: Every County and Courthouse has its own way of doing things. The criminal Court process in Henrico is very different from the Courts in Richmond (and State Courts vary from Federal Courts). This office understands what it means to have a trusted working relationship with Judges, prosecutors, probation officers and Court personnel.

Willing to Join With Other Counsel in Other States or Jurisdictions: Oftentimes, our trial expertise is requested in criminal cases in other states. This office welcomes queries from outside attorneys or clients to ask for our trial assistance in certain matters.

With our Expertise: You can feel confident you have the skilled legal representation you need to defend you against your charges. Our firm provides competent and professional services for virtually all types of misdemeanor and felony charges, from armed robbery to child pornography and everything in between. We do not shy away from complex cases related to particularly violent or heinous crimes because we believe in our clients' innocence and also believe that everyone deserves legal counsel, no matter the alleged offense. Some of our particular areas of practice include, but are certainly not limited to: arson, burglary, child molestation, theft crimes (such as shoplifting, burglary and robbery), drug crimes (including cultivation, distribution, manufacturing and trafficking), forgery, fraud, sex crimes (including child molestation, rape, indecent liberties, prostitution and more), hate crimes, kidnapping, murder and attempted murder, manslaughter (both voluntary and involuntary) and SORNA civil commitment cases. Any case has the potential to be highly complex and to impact all areas of a defendant's life. We are here to limit the negative consequences by working the legal system in your favor as we protect your rights to the fullest extent. We take an agressive, proactive approach to all cases.

Close Personal Contact with Your Attorney: No matter where you are in the criminal process - if you are currently under investigation or have already been arrested and charged with a crime - you can count on this office to offer sound and straightforward advice and aggressive legal representation in the face of increasingly zealous efforts by law enforcement and prosecutors to try to put you behind bars. But, our relationship with our clients does not end with our representation. We pride ourselves on our making our accessibility readily available to our clients. We understand that there is nothing more stressful than an inability to reach your attorney. We are here to provide moral and emotional support as well as legal representation.

Finally: Sometimes clients come to us who have already been through the legal system. For them, we also provide skilled post-conviction assistance through Expungements, Pardons, Post-Conviction Relief, and Habeas Petitions.

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