Case Results

Example of Some of Our Cases:

Criminal Defense, Federal and State, providing representation in complex matters such as sexual offenses (including rape, child pornography), white collar crimes involving conspiracy, drug trafficking, fraud (including bank, identity, mortgage, and wire fraud). Our office also represents clients charged with serious crimes such as abduction, murder, and arson. "•" is used to protect the anonymity of clients' at their request. Examples of such cases are as follows:

Commonwealth v. KW. County of Chesterfield.

Case dismissed in client's favor 2016. Mr. KW was charged with Felony shoplifting from Wegmans. At the time, Mr. KW was suffering from Diabetic Ketoacidosis, compounded with other medical problems he suffered from. These medical problems, in addition to the Ketoacidosis, altered his judgment to such a degree that he was unable to formulate the intent to commit the crime for which he was charged.

Commonwealth v. Sambou. County of Henrico.

Ms. Sambou was charged with Felony Hit and Run. Case dismissed in client's favor January 2017.

In re Dr. B

Title IX Case for sexual improprieties with students. Matter dismissed in Dr. B's favor in 2016. Dr. B is a well-respected physician and professor at Virginia Commonwealth University's medical school. A false complaint was made against Dr. B, and due to its nature, the complaint took on a life of its own with other students "encouraged" by University investigators, to state their observations or experiences of similar events. These observations\experiences were then misstated or recited out-of-context. The claims made against Dr. B were then debunked and proven to be false. Dr. B was cleared of any wrongdoing.

Commonwealth v. SR.

County of Henrico. Case dismissed in client's favor November 4, 2016. Ms. SR was charged with Petit Larceny. She was caught stealing large quantities of wines and cheeses from a local Costco.

Commonwealth v. HI. City of Richmond.

Case dismissed in client's favor on September 15, 2016. Mr. I was charged with Rape by Force, threat or Intimidation. The alleged victim claimed she was sleeping and woke up to find the Defendant raping her. The alleged victim's story fell apart after her telephone records were subpoenaed. Due to her significant activity on the phone, it showed that she was awake and with other people when she first met up with Mr. I that night and she was still on the phone almost continuously after Mr. I left. Complainant's complaint was dubious at best.

Commonwealth v. Greene

All charges Dismissed on day of trial. Client was charged with Abduction and Robbery. The alleged victim was street-smart with a long and extensive criminal history, and attempted to use "street justice" against Mr. Greene by bringing a wrongful charges against him.

Commonwealth v. Duffy, Richmond, Virginia

Mr. Duffy's cases are divided intotwo parts: In the first part, Mr. Duffy was arrested for Felony Indecent Exposure in the Richmond area. He was caught on camera in the nude in a public area. This was not his first offense of this nature. Counsel was able to get him into a Mental Health program and out on bond. The charge was reduced to a misdemeanor and he did not serve any jail time (except when he was initially arrested). In the second part, Mr. Duffy was violated from a previous Felony for the same offense. Mr. Duffy served ten (10) days on Home Electronic Monitoring ("HEM") with Home Incarceration.

Commonwealth v. Davis, Chesterfield, Virginia

The Defendant was charged with two counts of Rape; one count of Rape while the alleged victim was mentally incapacitated or physically helpless and the other Rape count was Rape with an Animate Object. Dring the jury trial, a life-sized foam doll with movable limbs was used for demonstration purposes, showing that the alleged victim was not telling the truth.

Result: Not Guilty on both counts.

Commonwealth v. Ho, Richmond, Virginia

The Defendant was charged with two counts of Rape and one count of Abduction. During the Defendant's jury trial, in cross examination of the alleged victim, it appears she had a revived repressed memory. In an unusual turn of events, and as a direct result of the cross-examination, the alleged victim professed to the prosecutor that the Defendant was indeed, innocent. The next morning, the jury was reconvened and notified by the Court, that all charges against the Defendant were dismissed and the events surrounding the dismissal of the charges. Mr. Ho walked out of the Courtroom a free man with his supportive family. Mr. Ho will now pursue an Expungement of the Charges from his record as a final step in clearing his record and his name.

United States v. X

Client charged with nine counts of Social Security Fraud and Medicaid Fraud by the US Government.

Result: Three months incarceration

Commonwealth v. X

Felony Forging and Uttering

Result: Dismissed

Commonwealth v. X

Client charged with 40 counts of Possession of Child Pornography (among other charges)

Result: Ten months of Incarceration

Commonwealth v. Macalma II , Chesterfield, Virginia:

In a retrial , a jury found Mr. Macalma Not Guilty on half the charges with a "Hung Jury" on the remaining three. Thereafter, in the light of the favorable evidence brought out during the second jury trial, the Commonwealth dismissed the remaining charges against Mr. Macalma. Co-Counsel, Craig Cooley.

Commonwealth v. Macalma I , Chesterfield, Virginia:

Thirty-three year sentence vacated from a jury verdict, due to the prosecution failing to disclose exculpatory evidence that had a probability of affecting the outcome of the case. Co-Counsel, Craig Cooley.

Commonwealth v. Fadul, Chesterfield, Virginia:

Not Guilty Jury Verdict of an individual charged with Aggravated Sexual Battery.

Commonwealth v. Green, Fairfax, Virginia:

Not Guilty Jury Verdict of an individual charged with Carnal Knowledge of a minor.

Commonwealth v. Jones, Lunenburg, Virginia 2009:

Capital Murder case involving multiple homicides (for a total of ten felonies ranging from two Capital Murder counts to the Murder of a Fetus). The Defendant was facing the Death Penalty on multiple counts.

Result - The Death Penalty was withdrawn, a plea agreement was entered into on two of the counts, and the eight remaining counts were nolle prossed ("not prosecuted").

Commonwealth v. Smith, Petersburg, Virginia 2009:

First Degree Murder case.

Result - on the day the jury trial was to begin, all charges were dismissed due to motions filed and argued by the Defense on the day of trial alleging, among other things, Prosecutorial Misconduct. This case is presently on appeal to the Virginia Court of Appeals (the Commonwealth re-charged the Defendant after the dismissal).

Commonwealth v. Haas, Chesterfield, VA:

Charges: Rape with an Animate Object of a Child under the age of Twelve and Indecent Liberties.

Result: Not Guilty Jury Verdict

Commonwealth v. Neeld, Essex County, VA:

Charges: Attempted Murder

Result: Reduced to Misdemeanor Assault and Battery, client served less than 1 week in jail.

United States v. Knellinger, United States District Court, Eastern District, Richmond Division

Multiple Counts of Receiving Child Pornography.

Result: Participated in a team that changed the Adam Walsh Act for Defendants facing child pornography charges. Landmark decision.

Commonwealth v. Scott, City of Richmond, VA

Charges: Attempted Rape; Malicious Wounding; Robbery; Commission of a Felony with the use of a Firearm

Result: Plea Agreement resulting in one Misdemeanor count of Assault and Battery.

Commonwealth v. Diaz, City of Richmond, VA

Two counts of Malicious Wounding

Result: Not Guilty Jury Verdict

Rosado et al v. GIDC. et al
Large apartment fire in a complex formerly known as "Old Buckingham Station," Midlothian, Virginia. Personally represented more than one hundred forty-two people suffering from personal injuries and property losses. Second largest fire in Virginia. United States District Court, Eastern District, Richmond, Virginia. In addition to a favorable outcome for the Plaintiffs, this case resulted in changes in the Virginia Building Code and its enforcement.

Anderson et al v. VIP Cabin Lake, Ltd.
Another large apartment fire occurring Thanksgiving Day, November 27, 1997 in Danville, Virginia. Presently, this is the largest apartment fire in the State of Virginia. This case resulted in a favorable settlement for the Plaintiffs against two Defendants and greater code compliance, statewide, for low income housing.

Allen v. TFH Publications
Products liabilities suit against the manufacturer of pet chew products. Obtained largest settlement ever obtained against TFH Publications for the death of a competing sled and show dog. Fairfax, Virginia. As a direct result of this suit, TFH Publications reformulated many of their products (worldwide), and they now market a safer dog toy.

PAWS With A Cause v. Crumpler, et al.
Commercial litigation. Represented national nonprofit organization providing service dogs for disabled individuals. Enforced non-compete agreement executed in Michigan and obtained a monetary award for the Plaintiff.

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