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Importance of General Durable Power of Attorney

Today, more than ever, it is important that everyone over the age of 18 has the necessary documents and estate planning so their affairs may be conducted by another in case of an emergency. With a ...
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Preliminary Hearings

Many times, a potential client will contact this office indicating that they have a "Trial" coming up and stating that they do not have a lawyer for their Felony charge(s). What this often ...
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Exculpatory Evidence

Sometimes people are convicted in a Criminal Trial, and in some limited circumstances, an attorney can have the sentence vacated and the individual is released. This most often happens when there has ...
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Voluntary Encounters with Police

When confronted by the police regarding a possible crime, not all of us can have the acumen of a seasoned criminal defense attorney. Therefore, you need to be aware of certain characteristics of each ...
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Confessions and Sex Crimes

Most often, when a client comes to my office charged with a sex crime (child pornography, solicitation, sex with an underage minor, et cetera), one of the first questions asked, is if they willingly ...
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Welcome to our Criminal Defense Blog

Our attorneys are pleased to announce the launch of our criminal defense blog with an RSS feed available at
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