Sex Offender Reregistration

Once an offender registers on the SOR, they are required to periodically reregister. The topic or reregistration will be explained more fully in the section covering §9.1-907: Reduction in the Frequency of Reregistration. However, it is important to know the basics of this statute. If the offender is convicted of a non-sexually violent crime, they must reregister annually, while those convicted of sexually violent offenses or murder must register every 90 days. If the offender is convicted under §18.2-472.1, to be discussed more fully in the section on §9.1-907, the time between reregistration is increased to every 180 days for non-sexually violent crimes, and every 30 days for sexually violent crimes or murder.

§9.1-904(C) mandates as part of the reregistration process, the offender must be photographed every two years from the date of initial registration, by local law enforcement.[1]