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When a person faces an investigation, allegations or charges involving any type of criminal offense, his or her future may be on the line. A criminal conviction may lead to imprisonment, fines, probation, driver's license suspension and sex offender registration.

Though the potential sentence and consequences of a criminal conviction in Richmond will vary, one thing remains constant. It may have a significant impact on the defendant. A conviction may have a financial and personal impact on a defendant, leading to imprisonment as well as limited career or employment opportunities, and personal issues. One's reputation may never recover. This is why The Law Office of Debra D. Corcoran is committed to aggressively representing the rights of defendants throughout Richmond and the surrounding areas.

Our Richmond criminal defense lawyer can provide the level of personalized, dedicated legal counsel that is necessary to seek a positive case result. We know what is on the line for you, your career, and your family. Our aggressive representation will go a long way in seeking a positive outcome to your case.

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Our law firm is here to providing superior criminal defense representation to clients throughout Richmond. We handle virtually any type of criminal case and will be happy to discuss your options with you when you contact our offices for a confidential consultation. You can also find a great deal of helpful information on our website concerning our particular areas of practice, as well as our attorneys, case results, and even our criminal defense blog.

You can click on any of the links listed below to learn more about a specific topic:

Armed Robbery
Armed robbery is a serious offense that officials take hard-hitting measures against, but we can answer your questions and represent you accordingly. Read more about armed robbery.

Arson endangers homes and individuals alike, and courts don't look at this crime lightly. If you have been accused of committing arson, you need legal help today. Read more about arson.

Assault & Battery
Assault & battery comes with severe consequences for perpetrators. Whenever human beings' physical and emotional health is endangered officials do not look lightly upon the matter. Read more about assault & battery.

Aggravated Assault
Confused as to the differences between 'Assault & Battery' charges and 'Aggravated Assault?' We can explain the differences and provide you with the vital information you need. Read more about aggravated assault.

Attempted Murder
Attempted murder is one of the most serious charges out there, that can land you in a heap of trouble if you do not have a qualified criminal defense lawyer fighting for you. Read more about attempted murder.

Burglary offends victims and court officials alike. If you stole items from an individual's home or car, we can provide you with the legal representation you will need in the court case ahead. Read more about burglary.

Carjacking is a serious offense that if you are charged for, you can be severely penalized for. Contact our offices today to see how we can help you with your carjacking charges. Read more about carjacking.

Child Enticement & Solicitation
An individual charged with child enticement & solicitation charges is prosecuted in an aggressive manner. Children's' lives are always considered innocent and precious by society and you need a criminal defense lawyer to help you in the intense court battle ahead. Read more about child enticement & solicitation.

Child Molestation
Child molestation is a serious felony that can result in fees, imprisonment, and a revoking of many of the common privileges you take for granted. Protect your rights today by calling our offices for legal representation. Read more about child molestation.

Child Pornography
Along with child enticement and child molestation, child pornography is a very serious offense that you will be prosecuted harshly for. You will need the help of a qualified criminal defense lawyer. Read more about child pornography.

Drug Crimes
While widespread, drug crimes are still taken very seriously. There are multiple punishments you could incur for selling and smuggling drugs. The government has been cracking down on drug crime and you can be sure that will impact your case. Read more about drug crimes.

Grand Theft Auto
Grand theft auto is not dismissed by the courts. Grand theft auto wreaks havoc upon the lives of innocent people and you can be sure the courts will take this into account. Get the representation you need for the days ahead! Read more about grand theft auto.

Extortion is not something to take lightly. There are many penalties for such a crime that the court will consider during prosecution. Read more about extortion.

Hoping to have a criminal offense expunged? We can help with that! We will tell you all that you need to know in order to get your record sealed up. Read more about expungements.

Felony Charges
We are willing and prepared to represent you for any number of felony charges. We have extensive experience in handling many cases. Read more about felony charges.

Forgery is not something the courts take lightly and neither should you. Thankfully we can provide you with the answers and representation you will need during the days ahead. Read more about forgery.

Don't dismiss fraud as no big deal. The courts won't. What should you do if you have been accused of committing fraud? We can help! Read more about fraud.

Hate Crimes
Hate crimes are not taken lightly by authorities. Get legal representation for the charges you are facing. Read more about hate crimes.

Hit & Run
A hit & run is no standard accident. You will be cited and possibly incur severe penalties for such an action. Read more about hit & run.

Kidnapping is an action that endangers the life and health of a human being. You can be assured that the court will take such charges very seriously. Read more about kidnapping.

Murder is considered the greatest offense by the legal system. You will be prosecuted severely for taking the life of a human being and if accused of murder, you should seek legal representation immediately. Read more about murder.

First Degree Murder
Learn about the distinctions between murder charges. The charge you receive can greatly impact your sentence. Read more about first degree murder.

Second Degree Murder
Confused about the differences between first degree and second degree murder charges? We can explain the differences and how the charges you have received will impact you. Read more about second degree murder.

Manslaughter is a very grave charge. Seek legal help immediately. Read more about manslaughter.

Involuntary Manslaughter
Yes, there are distinctions between manslaughter charges. You should know them. The different forms of manslaughter charges have very, different adverse repercussions. Read more about involuntary manslaughter.

Voluntary Manslaughter
Voluntary manslaughter is more serious than involuntary manslaughter. Get the help you need today by contacting our law office! Read more about voluntary manslaughter.

Sex Crimes
Just because sex crimes are on the rise, doesn't mean you can get out of the penalties associated with being convicted of sex crime charges. Read more about sex crimes.

Carnal Knowledge
Carnal knowledge is an important element regarding sex crimes and the punishment you can incur that you should know about! Read more about carnal knowledge.

Indecent Liberties
What are indecent liberties? When charged with sex crime, you should be able to understand what these legal terms mean and we can help you with that. Read more about indecent liberties.

Online Solicitation
Online solicitation will be prosecuted. What does online solicitation involve? Read more about online solicitation.

Rape is one of the most serious charges out there. Seek legal help immediately! Read more about rape.

Statutory Rape
What does statutory rape entail? Find out! Read more about statutory rape.

Sex Offender Registration
Sex offender registration is just one of the repercussions for sex crime. Have your rights protected by contacting our offices for legal representation. Read more about sex offender registration.

Failure to Register
Did you fail to register as a sex offender? You could be in serious legal trouble! Find out more about failure to register.

Sexual Computer Crimes
Sexual computer crimes are a big deal to the courts. Find out more about sexual computer crimes.

SORNA Civil Commitment Cases
What are SORNA Civil Commitment Cases? We can tell you all about them! Find out more about SORNA Civil Commitment Cases.

Theft Crimes
Theft crimes are no small matter. They can be prosecuted severely. Find out more about theft crimes.

Shoplifting might be a bigger deal then you might think, with larger consequences. Find out more about shoplifting.

If you are interested in learning more about the specific types of criminal offenses we handle, the penalties associated with these and what services we can provide in terms of offering you experienced criminal defense counsel in the Richmond area, please feel free to contact a Richmond criminal defense attorney at our firm at your earliest convenience. We are here to help and guide you with our experience in this field.