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Armed Robberies on the Rise

People always think their home is a place of solace and refuge, but when an armed robbery occurs, this viewpoint can change in a matter of seconds. In these financially stressful times, armed robberies are not an uncommon occurrence. Some recent armed robberies have been especially disconcerting.

These occurrences set the community on edge. The local sheriffs promised to investigate the matter thoroughly however and bring these men to justice. When armed robberies happen, sheriffs are committed to bringing the perpetrators involved to justice. Whenever a community's citizens' safety is endangered you can expect action by law officers. This is why it is of the utmost importance that individuals charged with armed robbery seek help immediately. This type of senario often leads to false arrests and\or convictions. Most importantly, if you or your loved one is charged, it is important to ask for a lawyer and to not speak. The Fifth Amendment is still alive and well.

The Law Office of Debra D. Corcoran has extensive experience in representing individuals accused of all kinds of crimes, including armed robbery. We know that this is a scary and uncertain time for you, and we promise to fight for you and provide you with the answers and security you crave. Call today!