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Child Solicitation and Current Issues

Child solicitation charges are a very serious matter, but not an uncommon occurrence. The media has been giving more attention to coaches, teachers, relatives, clergymen, relatives, police officers, and complete strangers who have been accused of child enticement and solicitation. This crime has become such a big issue that officers are even going undercover to catch criminals before they succeed in coercing children to do sexual acts.

The Denver Post recently covered a story where two men went to a local hotel to meet up with a woman they believed was a seventeen year old, "almost legal" prostitute, only to realize that they had been duped by the police. An undercover officer had posted on Craigslist and the two men who responded to this trap were arrested upon showing up at the hotel.

The story has sparked a whole debate and a lot of outrage as to whether or not what the police did was "legal." Some believe that the police were "alluring" the men to commit a crime, rather than shutting down an actual prostitution ring or arresting men whom they knew had committed acts of child enticement.

While the debate still rages on, one thing is clear: child enticement is a serious charge with some grave repercussions. In Virginia, sexual crime is punished harshly. Taking indecent liberties with children can be labeled a Class 5 felony.

If you are accused of child solicitation you should take action immediately. Lawyers and police officers alike take hard hitting measures against individuals charged with child solicitation. You need representation!

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