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  • How Do You Know if Your
    How Do You Know if Your "Sexual Crimes Lawyer" Really Knows What He Is Doing?

    This firm handles Sexual Crimes ranging from child pornography to sexual molestation. We have a number of Board Certified Forensic Specialists ranging from psycho-sexual psychologists to computer ...

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  • Attorney Phone Numbers
    Attorney Phone Numbers

    It is not until you are arrested that you realize that you need to remember the phone number of your criminal defense attorney. In this age of electronic devices and storage, not many people can ...

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  • How to Determine if Your Lawyer has Trial Experience
    How to Determine if Your Lawyer has Trial Experience

    For most people, the experience of a Jury Trial is a frightening experience. Of greater concern, is how few lawyers actually have meaningful trial experience. Given this problem, when searching for a ...

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