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Fairfax Police Online Sting Ends with 8 Arrested for Child Sex Crimes

Police out of Fairfax County, Virginia have claimed to make eight arrests during a three-day online sting that aimed to catch people trying to use the internet to commit child solicitation crimes. The only charges that have been officially filed among the eight arrests are indecent liberties, computer or online solicitation, and attempted indecent exposure. At the time of this report, only one of the names of the people arrested has not been released to the public, and it has been verified that one of the suspects is a registered sex offender.

The sting operation consisted of police officers creating several dummy accounts on social media sites and chat programs, posing as children who claimed to be in middle school or around that age group. It was claimed that it did not take long for the undercover officers to receive multiple invitations to meet men around Fairfax County. Some allegedly even sent sexual content and pornographic images to the "children." When the men showed up at the established rendezvous point, police were already waiting to make the arrest.

A spokesperson for Fairfax County police made a statement that warned parents that online child solicitation is a prevalent problem that requires the department's constant vigilance. While this is certainly meant to be a helpful cautioning for parents in the area, it is a clear example of how and why the public, judges, and juries typically enter child sex crimes cases with a heavy bias against the accused. It can become close to impossible to secure a fair trial for defendants in these cases as more and more statements are made by officials that imply guilty verdicts are rendered at the moment of arrest.

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