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A Crisis Title IX List: What To Do If You Get Notified You Are Under Investigation in a Title IX Complaint

Title IX Complaints strikes fear in any student, professor, coach, teaching physician, an individual providing an Internship, etcetera. Any allegations made can be life changing, and in some situations, can lead to criminal charges. This article is a “TO DO” list, on what should be done upon receiving notification that a Title IX Complaint has been made. This list is not inclusive, as there may be unique facts and other evidence surrounding the incident that gives rise to the complaint.

  1. First and foremost, contact a lawyer experienced in Title IX complaints;
  2. Do Not Speak with anyone involved in investigating the complaint. Tell whomever contacts you that you wish to speak with an attorney first;
  3. Copy all text messages between yourself and the Complainant;
  4. Obtain your mobile phone records that includes texting and telephone calls you and the Complainant;
  5. If sexual relations occurred recently between you and the Complainant at your location (for example, the night before) check to see if you have any condom wrappers, drinking glasses (that may have the Complainant’s DNA or fingerprints), and soiled sheets (do not wash these items);
  6. Copy any records of having taken an UBER, if applicable;
  7. Take a survey of the people that you and the Complainant may have been around on the time of the alleged incident. Write their names down and any contact information that may be available to you, as well as what they may have seen or heard;
  8. Write down a detailed chronology of events that occurred during the time in question. Include information about your contacts with the person prior to the alleged incident;
  9. If possible, take photographs of the location where the occurrence allegedly happened.

With the exception of condom wrappers, drinking glasses, soiled sheets and any other potential biological evidence, you should deliver all of the above to your lawyer.

The right lawyer can make a difference to the outcome of the Title IX case, as well as having their assistance in alleviating the stress often associated with these types of claims.