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Severe Penalties for Carjacking

Carjacking is the criminal taking of a vehicle from its driver by threat, violence or intimidation. It is a form of robbery, with the automobile itself being the thing that is stolen. If the carjacker is armed, it is considered armed robbery. A recent report by the Department of Justice states that about 49,000 carjackings occur each year, with the majority of them happening when the person is alone in the vehicle. Being convicted for carjacking in Virginia is considered a felony and carries with it the penalty of a minimum of 15 years, and up to life in prison.

Because carjacking is a violent crime with the victim being forcefully pulled or sometimes shot to get them out of the vehicle, juries tend to hand out stiff sentences with lengthy prison time. If you are a juvenile and convicted or carjacking, the State of Virginia may move to have you tried and sentenced as an adult. If you have been arrested for carjacking it is a very grim matter. Prosecutors are very zealous about pursuing convictions and long sentences in these types of cases. You need to hire a carjacking lawyer who is experienced in representing clients who have been accused of violent crimes. A Richmond criminal defense attorney from The Law Office of Debra D. Corcoran, can provide an aggressive defense in your case.

Defending Your Case

With such a serious crime as carjacking your very freedom is at stake. It is vital that a thorough investigation of the charges be done quickly to provide the best defense possible. Our defense team will go to the crime scene, talk to witnesses, examine evidence, and view any available video evidence. We will do whatever it takes to protect your rights because, as criminal defense attorneys we believe in the presumption of innocence and that you deserve a strong and vigorous defense.

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