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Information about Drug Trafficking

Drug trafficking is traditionally described as the manufacturing and distributing of illegal drugs and narcotics. Of all drug-related charges, it is one of the most serious. The penalties for a conviction can be extremely severe, and even include federal punishment depending on certain circumstances, such as the type of drug found at the time of arrest, and its quantity. In most cases, a conviction will bring mandatory imprisonment without possibility of probation, as well as extraordinarily steep fines (some numbering in the millions of dollars). If you have been arrested for drug trafficking, then you are facing very serious charges and potential penalties and you should contact a Richmond drug crime attorney right away. They can provide you with professional legal assistance and representation in your case.

Drug Trafficking Charges in Richmond

As trafficking is one of the more serious drug crimes one can commit, the prosecution in such cases will hold nothing back when it comes to pursuing a conviction. Surveillance, wiretaps, undercover law enforcement officials, confidential informants, and other clandestine methods may be employed by them in order to obtain evidence against a person.

A skilled drug crime attorney can review the evidence against the alleged offender, and determine if any inconsistencies or errors are present, or if any rights violations occurred in its collection and processing. At The Law Office of Debra D. Corcoran, our legal team possesses considerable knowledge and insight regarding drug crime litigation. We can put our years of experience to use in your trafficking case, and build a defense based on the errors in the prosecution's case that will increase the likelihood of your charges being lessened or dropped entirely.

Contact a Richmond drug trafficking defense lawyer if you have been arrested on charges of drug trafficking and require immediate legal help.