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Legal Help for your Extortion Case

The criminal act of extortion is described as one person obtaining a desired behavior, money, goods, or services from another by way of threats of violence, or threats of harm to their reputation or property. Extortion differs from robbery in that the victim willfully gives up the desired property or behavior in order to avoid the enacting of the threat.

There are many forms of extortion, and some of the most common include:

  • Blackmail
  • Ransom
  • Bribery

Extortion is considered a felony white collar crime, and can result in severe penalties that include fines, community service, restitution to the victim or victims, and jail time. If you have been charged with extortion and require legal help in your case, then it is imperative you contact a Richmond criminal defense lawyer who can discuss the details of your case and provide you with representation in court.

Extortion Charges in Richmond

Extortion is a crime that can be difficult to prove, as video or audio evidence is often necessary in order to confirm guilt. A seasoned attorney can increase the likelihood of your charges being dismissed if there is little evidence against you, or they may be able to work with the court to obtain a resolution in which the charges are lessened, resulting in community service or restitution rather than jail time.

The Law Office of Debra D. Corcoran has substantial experience in representing clients in their criminal cases, and we can provide you with dedicated and professional representation in your extortion case. We will thoroughly investigate the charges against you in order to build a defense that will enhance your chances of a case outcome favorable to you.

If you have been arrested and charged with extortion, contact a Richmond extortion defense lawyer right away to discuss your case and your available legal options.