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Fraud is a very serious white collar crime (an offense that typically occurs in a professional, corporate or political setting) that encompasses a wide variety of offenses. Defined as a deliberate, deceitful action towards another individual, group or entity to secure, or attempt to secure, financial gain or profit.

Fraud can be designated as a civil or criminal matter and, depending on the offense, consists of both misdemeanor and felony charges. Fraud can be prosecuted in federal and/or state court, depending on the offense. In criminal court, fraud is punishable by fines and/or incarceration and other penalties that can be extremely severe.

If you or someone you know has been arrested for fraud, be aware that this is a very serious charge that can alter your life forever and take a huge toll on your family. Contact an experienced Richmond criminal defense attorney right away.

Major Categories and Types of Fraud

In discussing fraud, it's helpful to organize its many offenses into three general categories (although some offenses can incorporate more than one category):

  • Asset misappropriation: is the intentional, illegal and unauthorized use of another person's property or assets. The category encompasses a large number of offenses.
  • Bribery and corruption: is an unlawful, intentional act of offering, providing (or the implication of offering or providing) money, assets or gifts as a means to alter, coerce, sway or encourage behaviors of another individual, group or entity.
  • Financial statement fraud: is the deliberate and unlawful manipulation of financial statements or records in a way that financially benefits (or creates the opportunity to financially benefit) an individual, group or entity.

Here are a few types of fraud that would fall under one of these three categories include: identity theft, Internet fraud, credit card fraud, securities fraud, mail fraud, insurance fraud, bankruptcy fraud, Social Security (and other government programs) fraud, larceny, embezzlement and trade secret fraud.

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