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Richmond Grand Theft Auto Attorney

Have you or a loved one been recently accused of grand theft auto in Richmond? If so, finding the support you need to build your case is closer than you think! A Richmond attorney for grand theft auto may be able to help prove your innocence and clear your name. It is imperative that you seek out the expertise of a Richmond criminal defense attorney before embarking on your journey to innocence.

Grand Theft Auto vs. Carjacking in Richmond

Grand theft auto is defined as the stealing of another person's car without the intent of ever returning it. Grand theft auto, or GTA, can be viewed as either a violent or a nonviolent crime, depending on the force used to steal the vehicle and whether a weapon was used. In instances of carjacking, a carjacker will use a violent threat or intimidating act to force the car owner from his or her vehicle. In extreme cases, a carjacker could in fact shoot or murder their victim. While carjacking is punishable by a minimum sentence of 15 years in prison, grand theft auto in Richmond can result in jail time, a prison sentence, steep fines, probation, and possibly other penalties. Unlike carjacking, grand theft auto can occur when the owner of the motorcycle, car, truck, van, or other vehicle is not present.

A Grand Theft Auto Lawyer in Richmond

Fortunately, a Richmond grand theft auto lawyer in your area may be able to help with your case. At The Law Office of Debra D. Corcoran, we understand your need to find relief from your charges and start on your way to a brighter future. Tried time and time again in criminal defense, a Richmond grand theft auto attorney at our firm will be able to put together a compelling defense and help protect your rights inside and out of the court room.

To put together an aggressive defense for your grand theft auto charges, contact a Richmond grand theft auto attorney at our firm today!