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Hit and run is a very serious charge and should never be taken lightly. If the accident caused enough property damage or injuries to pedestrians or other drivers, the hit and run could be classified as a felony, and the offender could be facing significant fines and/or a prison sentence for up to 10 years. Even in a less serious accident, however, a driver convicted of hit and run, in many cases, could receive a suspended license, fines and even jail time. If you were involved in, or arrested for, a hit and run, it's imperative that you contact a Richmond hit and run defense attorney right away.

Hit and Run: What is it and Why Does it Happen?

The term "hit and run" seems pretty straightforward or self-explanatory, right? Well, in the eyes of the law it's not that simple. There are several actions a driver can fail to take after an accident that the law describes as a hit and run. First, if the driver fails to stop and investigate the well being of other people involved in the accidents, including those in other automobiles or other vehicles and pedestrians, it's a hit and run. Second, if there are no people involved in the accident, but the leaves the scene before attempting to contact the property owners, it's a hit and run.

The truth is there are a lot of reasons why a driver might flee the scene after an accident, including shock, fear and any number of emotions and impulses that can take over during stressful and traumatic events. Perhaps an injury or medical condition affected or impaired the driver's judgment. Maybe the driver just didn't realize that an accident had even occurred. Whatever the reason might be, if you or someone you know was involved or arrested for a hit and run, contact a capable Richmond Criminal Defense Lawyer from The Law Office of Debra D. Corcoran. We are knowledgeable, seasoned litigators ensure that all of our clients receive a diligent representation, accurate legal advice and an aggressive protection of their rights. Not only do we provide dedicated personal attention for our clients, we also offer an emergency on-call attorney service 24 hours a day.

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