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Lawyer for Second Degree Murder in Richmond

Second degree murder is defined as all other types of murder besides capital murder and first degree murder. Murder of the second degree is punishable by confinement in a state correctional facility for 5 to 40 years by the state code of Virginia. Second degree murder in Richmond, or the premeditated unlawful killing of another, can occur even without the intention of harming any specific individual. In some instances, a court will rule a depraved-heart murder (murder resulting from the disregard for the safety of other humans) as murder in the second degree.

Why do I need a Richmond murder defense lawyer?

Being accused of murder can hold serious consequences in Richmond. Finding an appropriate Richmond criminal defense lawyer for your murder charge will be key to finding an enhanced outcome in your second degree murder trial. All types of murder in Richmond are taken very seriously, and are difficult to defend in court. Enlisting in the finest help around can only help you throughout your second degree murder trial.

At The Law Office of Debra D. Corcoran, the fierce defensive tactics practiced by our Richmond murder defense attorneys have brought our firm to the reputation it has today. The experience and extensive knowledge in which our murder defense attorneys encompass will be on your side for the remainder of your second degree murder trial if you chose to work with us.

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If you have been arrested for murder in the second degree in Richmond, we strongly urge that you immediately contact a Richmond murder defense attorney at our firm. Whether your murder charge is for first degree murder or second degree murder, there will be a long road ahead of you. Finding the right Richmond murder defense attorney can help make the beaten path a little smoother.

Before embarking on your murder trial, contact a Richmond second degree murder defense attorney at our firm to ensure you have superior legal representation for your case.