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Pain Management or Addiction Treatment Doctor Defense

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With the ongoing opioid epidemic growing in strength and concern, governing bodies are starting to look for people to blame and hold accountable. As a result, many honest pain management and addiction treatment doctors and clinics are being accused of crimes related to prescriptions and patient care. Even though they followed opioid prescription guidelines. If this has happened to you, do not hesitate to get The Law Office of Debra D. Corcoran and our criminal defense lawyer in Richmond on your side.

Criminal accusations filed against a pain management doctor could include:

Federal agencies are at the forefront of the war against opioids and prescription drugs. This means the opposition in your case could be backed by powerful investigative agencies such as the DEA with near-limitless resources. You cannot risk your reputation, career, practice, finances, and freedom by trying to take them on alone.

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How to Know If You Are Under Investigation

In a typical criminal case, a physician will be told they are under investigation by a law enforcement agency, most likely the DEA. For a pain management or addiction clinic to be under investigation, the process might look differently. It is likely you will be told you are being audited by the state PMP (Prescription Monitoring Program) Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), a state-level agency, or a medical provider review board. In many cases, an audit is just the first preliminary step to a criminal investigation, so you should act as soon as possible to get the assistance of a criminal defense lawyer.

If you do not protect yourself and you are eventually convicted of a prescription crime, the consequences could include:

  • Immediate seizure and loss of all personal/ business assets(including bank accounts)
  • Extensive time in prison
  • High fines paid to the Federal and/or state governments
  • Removal of your license to practice
  • Probationary period if license is reinstated

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Attorney Corcoran is known throughout Richmond and the rest of Virginia as a highly experienced and focused criminal defense attorney capable of taking on complex, high-stakes cases. With nearly 30 years of legal experience, a 10.0 “Superb” Avvo rating, an LLM in Litigation, and membership with the American Academy of Forensic Sciences, she truly stands out among her peers. You will feel confident in your future and that of your medical practice when our law firm represents you.

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