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What Is Carnal Knowledge?

Richmond Sex Crime Lawyer Explains Carnal Knowledge

In the state of Virginia, it is considered an extremely serious sex crime to have carnal knowledge of a minor between the years of thirteen and fifteen. This is considered any sort of sexual activity, whether it is penetration through intercourse, cunnilingus, fellatio or anilingus. If you have recently been charged with this type of crime, then you are likely acutely aware of the stress, fear and embarrassment that accompanies something of this nature. There is an extremely negative social stigma that associates sex crimes, especially those involving children such as taking indecent liberties, and if you have been charged you need to be both aggressive and proactive in your efforts to defend your future.

Charged with § 18.2-63 in Richmond, VA?

If successfully convicted of this crime, you will face extremely severe penalties, not the least of which could be the requirement of sex offender registration. This is considered a Class 4 felony usually, but if the accused of a minor themselves, this could change. Regardless, the punishments are life-altering and should not be taken lightly. You need to be confident that you are receiving the aggressive legal defense that you deserve from a Richmond criminal defense attorney.

At The Law Office of Debra D. Corcoran, our legal team has years of experience in helping our clients combat the charges being held against them. We understand how stressful it can be to face criminal charges such as this and will do everything in our power to help you reach your optimum outcome. With personalized solutions and tailor-made advice, you can be confident that we will go the distance in our efforts to help you protect your rights.

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