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Internet Sex Crimes in Richmond

Richmond Computer Sex Crime Defense Attorney

Technology has expanded to every area of our lives, including how crimes are committed, how law enforcement groups investigate these crimes and how the government prosecutes them. Police departments these days have entire divisions dedicated to computer crimes, and specially-trained officers who focus on one of the faster growing computer crimes behind identity theft: sexual computer crimes. Charges for sexual computer crimes can cause serious damage to a person's reputation, not to mention the hefty fines and jail time that come along with it.

If convicted of sexual computer crimes, collateral consequences can include not only stigmatization in the community, but being forced to register as a sex offender, the loss of employment and other penalties. That's why it is important you contact a Richmond sex crime lawyer right away if you have questions or need advice about criminal charges for computer sex crimes.

About Computer Sex Crimes

Internet solicitation of a minor is a serious computer sex crime in which offenders, usually men, use computers, instant message, web cams and the dissemination of matter that might be harmful to minors (also a crime) to lure underage children into conversations, information exchange and setting up meetings for sex. Some people believe that the anonymity of the Internet makes this kind of behavior difficult to detect, however this is not true, even if you erase your hard drive.

Child pornography encompasses a number of computer sex crimes that relate to the download, possession, dissemination sexually graphic material.

Other computer sex crimes include:

  • Possession of Child Pornography
  • Distribution of Child Pornography
  • Receipt of Child Pornography
  • Production of Child Pornography
  • On-line Solicitation & Importuning
  • On-line Adult Entertainment Representation
  • Violations of Sexual Registration
  • Obscenity & Obscene Material

The police and prosecutors have experts and the latest technology on their side in prosecuting computer sex crimes. If you've been charged with these serious computer crimes, contact a Richmond criminal defense lawyer from our firm. We are attorneys who are willing to fight aggressively to protect your freedom and your reputation, as well as your privacy.