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Theft, or larceny, is defined as the act of taking another's property without permission or consent. There are many different types of criminal offenses that may be considered theft crimes, and these will have varying penalties and on a defendant depending on the value of property involved, the manner in which the offense was committed (for example, in a violent or non-violent way), the type of property and the defendant's criminal record, if any.

A Richmond criminal defense lawyer at our firm can help if you are facing any type of theft-related charges or allegations. With our experience in criminal law and our unrelenting commitment to preserving our clients' rights and interests, we are here to guide and protect you when you need it most.

Types of Theft-Related Offenses

Following are some of the types of theft-related offenses that we can handle for clients in the Richmond area:

Depending on the circumstances of the case, a defendant may face misdemeanor or felony charges and may even face prosecution in federal court. Even a shoplifting conviction may result in time in jail and fines, as well as limited employment or educational opportunities.

Theft Defense Lawyer in Richmond

Regardless of the type of theft crime case you or someone you know is dealing with, you will need aggressive criminal defense counsel if you are to have any opportunity of avoiding a conviction and lasting penalties - not to mention the burden of living with a criminal record. We are ready to fight for you in order to help you face a brighter future.

For a confidential case review and more information about your particular theft-related charges, contact a Richmond theft defense lawyer at our law firm today.