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  • Immediately Put Me At Ease
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    “I am SO GLAD I found Ms. Corcoran! I was so worried about my hit and run case but when I stepped into her office she reassured me I had nothing to worry about.”

    Chyna Young

  • Best decision I made was hiring Debra
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    “After my experience with a less-effective lawyer, I was advised to contact Debra Corcoran. After our free consultation I knew I had to have her represent me. In the consultation she took her time, asked questions I never would have thought of, provided insight and recommendations and gave her undivided attention. She is the gold standard when it comes to professionalism, knowledge, experience, and wisdom which only comes from being successful in a field you specialize in. For Debra, that field is law. She always made herself available, was personal and spoke with respect and deep knowledge. She calmed me when I would get nervous about any uncertainty. She has resources that not all lawyers have, and this is due to what I believe is her ability to work others who realize the worth in working with her. Through out my case she was there for me. In court she spoke with authority and confidence. She always comes prepared and is ready to refute any allegation with truth backed up by statutes. She led me to victory and I could not be thankful enough. Her rates are priced accordingly and were never unjustifiable. She has shown me what an excellent lawyer is. I will always remember what she told me when I asked how she is so good at what she does, and her reply was simple and truthful; She strives to be the lawyer she would want to hire. Debra has high standards and there is nothing more you could ask for or expect. I HIGHLY recommend her in a heartbeat. I will always refer her and call her when needed. As if I haven’t told you enough, my family and I THANK YOU for all you do.”

  • Awesome!
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    “I had a untrue negative report against me from people who didn't even know me at all but were trying to get money out of me and my business! I contacted Debra D. Corcoran Law office and she quickly resolved the issue without me ever having to go to the courts. I highly recommend Debra D. Corcoran and her professional Law Office for any legal issues that may come about.”

  • A true advocate
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    “Several people recommended attorney Debra Corcoran to us; had we known this information beforehand, we believe we could have saved our family a lot of grief, not to mention the expense of two other attorneys. Debra works tirelessly and genuinely cares about her clients. She is a true advocate in every sense of the word, and her persistence, kindness and desire to help has brought us hope in an otherwise hopeless situation. Recently she diverted what could have been a tragic situation if it had not been for her “Bull Dog” determination. We are extremely grateful that Debra Corcoran is our attorney.”

    Mr. and Mrs. David Berger

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    “Ms. Corcoran is a fantastic attorney. Un like most attorneys, after they get your retainer, your case is placed in the hands of their paralegal, I never had to deal with an "assistant". I was always in direct communication with Ms. Corcoran, she always responded to my emails and phone calls, right away. She also showed genuine compassion, I felt as if she truly cared about me and the situation in which I had gotten myself into. I would recommend her as an attorney for ANY charge. Not only is she an amazing lawyer, she is a good person, smart, professional and compassionate.”


  • I would recommend Ms. Corcoran to ANYONE that needs legal help
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    “Debra by her pedigree is extremely well educated not only in the law but the practice of defense. From the beginning she was a very good listener, direct about possible outcomes, challenges we may face, and opportunities to prove my innocence. As a professional she does not tell you what you want to hear just for you to hire her. She clearly shows her experience and concern for her clients from the moment you meet her. You will not be just another client or a fee for the firm and their expensive office space. I was faced with some very serious charges, that if proven, would have destroyed my business practice, my reputation in the community, and the lives of my family. It was a misunderstanding based on some medical issues I had been dealing with for some time but simply could not come to grips with. As my attorney she helped me more than I can express or repay. Ms. Corcoran not only listened to the facts of the case but dived deep into me as a person. She recommended some excellent health professionals, was compassionate, and worked closely with the prosecution to explain my case and circumstance. Ultimately the charges were dismissed due to closely working with her, her understanding and competence in presenting the evidence, and professional respect and relationships with the court and its officers. I would recommend her to ANYONE that needs legal help. You will not find a more committed, talented, and honest attorney anywhere. She cannot and will not guarantee an outcome but will do everything in her education, experience, and work ethic to get you a positive outcome. I am truly grateful for her dedication to the legal profession and truly caring about her clients issues as if they were her own.”


  • Genuine and competent, a credit to her profession
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    “I am a MD lawyer and needed to consult with a VA attorney about a stressful legal matter regarding my daughter. Ms. Corcoran answered the phone when I called (wow), then apologized for having to cut our call short, but shortly called me back (this was before she even knew if I was going to be a client). She not only provided excellent legal advice, but took that extra bit of time to offer reassurance, kindness and encouragement.”


  • The justice system is NOT your friend, but Debra is.
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    “This is an update to the October 2014 rating that I originally left. I don't have to be anonymous anymore. The charges were of a horrid nature, and Debra was almost positive of a positive outcome. However, I am a transgender individual and was terrified of the outcome of being judged for my lifestyle instead of the evidence, so I instructed Debra to seek a plea alongside of planning for the trial. A week before the trial, Debra negotiated a plea deal that reduced six felonious assault charges to one misdemeanor with no jail time. The original charges could have resulted in four life sentences. If... no, WHEN you retain Debra, I have simple advice for you: LISTEN TO HER. If I would have not followed her instructions explicitly, I would not be sitting here at home typing a follow-up review. The justice system is NOT your friend, but Debra is.”


  • This is the best attorney you'll ever deal with
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    “There is no better than Debra Corcoran.when our family needed help she was right there for us every step of the way she genuinely cares about her clients and their family.She is beautiful and caring and will put you right at ease .She knows what she is doing and has the highest morals and dedication I have ever seen.We had another lawyer that never answered our questions and we knew we were in deep trouble. We called she agreed to see us and in 30 min we knew more than we did the whole time with him. When we walked out we felt for the first time we could take a breath. We knew no matter how it turned out it would be better because she would be with us and she was a fighter and cared.She will fight for you with all she has and then family will owe her as long as we live.If you need help you won't go wrong it will be the best thing you can do for yourself and your case.”


  • I do not regret my decision!
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    “I am remaining anonymous because my case is ongoing. I absolutely must share my experience with Debra so far. My first contact with Debra came when I was already represented by another lawyer. Mrs. Corcoran refused to discuss the case with me while I was already represented. This, alone, made me realize that her morals were incredibly high. The other lawyer did not return phone calls, texts, emails, not kept appointments, so I moved to Ms. Corcoran. I was not charged when I first met her, but then I was charged and Debra was RIGHT there for me. I was terrified. Being accused of the crimes that I am accused of sent me into a spiral of depression and anxiety. Debra did not hesitate to reassure me; she returned all of my phone calls, texts, and emails promptly while I was going through my traumatic event. I'd never been in trouble before, and being falsely accused of something was a devastating emotional toll. She was RIGHT THERE as soon as my arraignment was set. No waiting for an open calendar date.... a bond hearing was scheduled for the next day! To give an idea about how available she was, a person in front of me was told that his lawyer would not have an available bond hearing date until a month later. That person was quite disappointed and upset, and I'll never forget the haunted look in his eyes as he walked away. She fought tooth and nail for my bond. Her passion and fiery defense allowed me to be freed on bail. I was terrified the entire time; I thought for sure that, with my charges, I was not going to get bail. During the long, drawn out process, she made constant reassurances to me that things are going to work out okay. I am normally not a worrier in my normal life. However, the life changing accusations changed that quickly. Debra STILL, to this day, continues to reassure me that things are going to work out, and I'm an emotional basketcase at this point. Her patience with me is legendary with no equals. I once asked her why she put so much effort into calming me because she is not a psychiatrist, she's my lawyer (this is how many lawyers treat their clients). Her response to me was: "It's VERY important that a lawyer and her client develop an emotional bond of trust and understanding through this traumatic time. I'll probably know more about you by the time this trial is over than your partner does, and it's very important that you trust me." Wow. Profound statement. One thing that Mrs. Corcoran does not mention is that she has only lost THREE (or two, never can remember) jury criminal trials in her entire career. She is highly qualified with professional attorneys and employees in her office to assist her. She has binders full of board certified professionals ready to assist in her cases. She is polite, respectful, and open to criticism. I have thrown in my two uneducated cents many times and she's never told me that my advice was unwelcome. She lets me participate in my defense and takes my ideas seriously. With my previous lawyer, I went to visit him after retaining him and he wrote notes on the back of a scrap piece of paper. When I recently went to visit Debra, she pulled out a 12-inch thick folder of materials that she has prepared, took notes, and added them to the folder. I don't know how my case will turn out, but after retaining Debra I feel that, whatever happens, life would have been much worse had I not found her. I feel 100% confident that we will prevail. Final note: Many lawyers will not tell you what their win/loss ratio is. Debra will not hesitate to tell you because she has a record to be proud of.”


  • This was all only made possible due to Mrs. Corcoran's extreme tenacity, and expert knowledge.
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    “It is a great privilege and honor that I may write this on behalf of Debra D. Corcoran Debra Corcoran was our attorney during the most difficult and sorrowful time of our family's lives. My son was arrested while a junior at University 5 years ago, and charged with 45 Felonies: Possession of Child Pornography, Distribution of Child Pornography, and Solicitation of a Child. These were all extremely serious and the Commonwealth made it clear he wanted a sentence of over 100 years. My son was represented immediately by a local defense attorney near his University who we retained as he had 'Expertise' in these areas. We learned immediately that one might have experience; however, we needed a true expert defense attorney with these very serious allegations. We were referred to Mrs. Corcoran. As the case progressed though, she did not wish to take the case as we already had representation. This showed me her tight ethical standards, and she wished for us not to have to retain two attorneys. However, as the case unfolded it became severely apparent that our local attorney could not understand or provide what was needed and the case was spiraling out of control. Mrs. Corcoran finally agreed to come onto the case as Lead- Counsel and immediately got our son bonded out of jail onto home arrest, assisted us to find excellent psychological care and testing, gained access to the computer that was held in evidence by her expert forensic computer technologist for a full examination of actual hard drive. In addition, she arranged an expert FBI examiner to conduct a polygraph with my son. The results of all of her efforts: No Distribution, No Solicitation, and only a handful of photos clicked onto due to the sting. The lie detector test was given three times and each question my son passed with between 99.4-99. Percentage of truthfulness. A score of 90% is a test with no deception. Mrs. Corcoran was right on top of every detail and negotiated a plea deal of 1 year in jail, of course devastating, but amazing since the Commonwealth had wanted a much more serious length of time. Lastly, my son was to serve time at the Commonwealth's local jail; however, the Commonwealth released an article to the local reporter from small paper that is supplied to the jail inmate population. The article spoke of a plea deal by my son. It alluded that some of the charges were dropped; it should have been made very clear that my son never solicited children or distributed anything. The Commonwealth wanted all of his community to know he was very powerful, and this resulted in immediate and very serious death threats to my son at the jail. My son was placed into protective custody for his safety, which is complete isolation and was going to have to serve his year term there. Mrs. Corcoran filed an immediate motion involving cruel and unusual punishment, and argued it against the Commonwealth. She once again procured a team of experts on this matter an argued about the cruelty that had been committed by the Commonwealth to put my son in such danger. Mrs. Corcoran delivered a detailed excellent proffer and then proceeded questioning her experts and my son. The result was to be able to have my son transferred to any jail of our choice. This was all only made possible due to Mrs. Corcoran's extreme tenacity, and expert knowledge. Her preparation and delivery of the case was always highly respected by the judge. Our son was transferred to a jail very near to us, and we were able to see him weekly until he was he was released. Perhaps the best thing in our lives, my son has gone on, with never ending and continuing support by Mrs. Corcoran, and he has finished his college degree and working in his field.”


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